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Not caring about my parent’s splitting up?

Question by Rockinmyuggs: Not caring about my parent’s splitting up?
My parents split up about a week ago (I am 13 years old) and I did not care at all. I really do not know, I do not want to be a monster and most people would be emotionally affected, but I do not really care. What’s wrong with me, why don’t I care?

Best answer:

Answer by jenandscree
If your parents weren’t happy obviously it was affecting you. When parents aren’t getting along, it can be really hard on kids. Maybe their splitting up was a sense of relief for you? Don’t feel there is anything wrong with you.

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what does child background mean?

Question by Sally Fox: what does child background mean?
im doing my cert 3 in child care and have to do observations on this child what does childs background mean?

Best answer:

Answer by Lillybelle
The child’s background would be the summary of the child’s life outside of school. All of these can impact the child’s day at school and how they learn. Here are some examples.

Does the child live with both parents, one parent, switch between two homes, or live with a guardian?
Has the child moved frequently or has the family had a stable location since the child’s birth?
Is the child the only child in the family, oldest, middle,or youngest? Small family or many kids? All birth siblings or blended family?
Do the parents work or are they on welfare? Does the child get free breakfast and lunch? It could mean that they get no or a poor supper if money is very tight.
Does the child participate in after school activities such as dance, swimming, gymnastics, or church classes?
Is the child at a babysitter at 6 in the morning, or at one until 8:00 at night?
Does the child have any pets? Dog, cat, fish, bird, horse?
Does the family travel? Has the child every visited another country within memory, or perhaps traveled to many states and had a variety of experiences?
Has the child had any hospitalizations that would be remembered?
Are the major health issues?
Is the child grossly over or underweight?
Is the child clean and well groomed every day?
Do clothes match? Do they fit?
Have there been any major illnesses or death in the immediate family?
Is there support at home, meaning do the parents take an active interest in the child’s education?

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What does “waiver Divorce” mean?

Question by Nancy: What does “waiver Divorce” mean?
Someone who know the meaning of “waiver divorce” … I saw it just like this:
TYPE OF ACTION/OFFENSE: waiver of divorce.

what’s mean that???
the Distric is … Harris County

Best answer:

Answer by W Y
A waiver divorce refers to a divorce that is done simply, without lawyers (or at least usually without lawyers). The parties have worked out the terms of the divorce and come into court to submit their papers. I don’t know what state you live in, but look at the Web page below for an example of how waiver divorce is done.


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Lesbian parents?

Question by Rhi.: Lesbian parents?
What are your veiws on same sex parenting?

Best answer:

Answer by Punky_Spunky
I think same sex parenting is a wonderful thing,
but can also be very misunderstood by people.
I know a few lesbian couples who have kids, and they are great parents.
It doesnt matter if a kid has a mum and a dad, two mums, or two dads, or even just one parent, as long as the child is being loved and looked after well.
Lesbian and Gay parents actually have the lowest rate of child abuse because they have to try so hard to have children, anyone who goes through alot of what they have to do to have a baby, earns all my respect..

*For all the people who decided to give my thumbs down because of my answer, at least iam standing up for somthing i believe in.

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