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The History of European Art

The great monuments of European painting, sculpture, and architecture from the age of Charlemagne to the onset of World War II include major works by the greatest visual artists of a millennium of Western civilization. To fully understand the works of these great artists, they and their masterpieces need to be placed in the political, religious, and social context of their time, so as to gain a more profound understanding of both why an artwork was created and how it responded to a particular set of historical circumstances.

But how best to gain an understanding of great works of art? First the five essential aspects that are crucial to the understanding of artists and their works – subject, interpretation, style, context, and emotion – should be examined. Then the definitive areas of subject matter that constitute the major categories of art – narrative or historical art, portraiture, landscape, still life, and scenes of daily life – should be considered, to understand how artists communicate important social and political ideas and values.

At what point in history should our examination of European art begin? European art, as we think of it today, started in the Middle Ages, with the early architectural monuments of the Carolingian Empire, and the massive cathedrals and exquisite sculpture of the French Gothic style. This was a period of great creativity and provides a necessary background to the consideration of the achievements of the Renaissance that followed, in both Italy and the north.

The Renaissance was both a rebirth of interest in Classical literature and art, and a revival of interest in learning that, together, led to a reevaluation of man’s place in the world. Following this was the evolution of the Baroque style by the great artists of Italy, which then spread throughout Europe. The 18th century reactions to the Baroque style followed with the Rococo style of art.

After this were the beginnings of modern European art with the Neoclassical and Romantic movements of the late 18th century. These gave way to Realism, which in turn, led to the greatest movement in the history of art, the Impressionist movement, which helped shape the future of painting and whose influence can still be seen in art today.

This was followed by the reactions to Impressionism which led to the early movements of the new century, including Fauvism, Cubism, German Expressionism, Dada, Surrealism, and Modern art, as well later artistic styles which are evident in today’s art.

Find out more about the great monuments of European painting, sculpture, and architecture in “A History of European Art”.

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European Music Festival at Athens, Greece!

European Music festival holding at Athens is the country’s largest open air music festival. This event is s dedication to music and musicians. The entire event makes the city and people shine with its celebrations. From June to September is the best time to get cheap Athens flights to attend some of its colorful summer festivals. They pervade the whole city. It is the biggest in country as well as in Europe. This is the best venue to have a pleasant time. This year’s event took place at 9th July. It is a vibrant fair that brings people together, offering them a chance to enjoy sounds and images from all over the world. It has been playing the role of a platform for hundreds of artists are being given the chance to present their work to a diverse audience.

During this music fair music grows out in the streets anyway, and the only thing you have to do is just to listen and enjoy it. Visitors taking cheap flights to Athens with cheap flights to Athens get a chance of having the privilege of enjoying a huge range of musical styles. Musicians from all over the world will perform in this fair including British, American, French, African, Balkan, and many others. These artists conduct various performances and music concerts. Unlike other music festivals that focus on just a single type of music European Music Festival will include almost all popular types of music ranging from Classic Greek to Jazz. Almost all festival in Europe charge an entrance fee but this is a unique festival of its kind that does not charge a single penny from its audiences.

The most interesting thing about this event is that it has the capacity of capturing all kind of audiences for it encourages the major music institutions to perform outside their usual locations and to embrace styles of music outside their traditionally accepted genres as well as individual artists. It is not only popular among locals but those taking cheap flights to Athens from UK and other countries come to join this event delightfully. It is held on different venues throughout the city every year including; pen-air, streets, parks, courtyards and museums. The main stage is known as Terra Stage that is located near the 37th kilometer of the Athens-Lamia national road by the Malakasa interchange. It consists of over 100 free public performances to entertain the crowds. It is popular among audiences of all types, gender, and ages.

I love natural and cultural attractions. Lat month I took my flights to Athens and found much suiting my interests.

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