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Lighting In The Bedroom

Lighting in the bedroom is extremely important when you are decorating. Many people often forget about the lighting and it really makes a big difference when you are decorating your bedroom.

The first thing you must think about when you are designing the lighting in your bedroom is layering. You must layer the lighting.

When you layer the lighting in the bedroom it gives you the opportunity to create the different moods you are hoping for. You should always have lamps on bedside tables and another light across the room diagonal from the bed.

This allows the lighting to be balanced in the room. You also might consider light sources on a dimmer switch that allow you to select the balance of light that is emitted into the room.

One thing you do not want to do in your bedroom is have a ceiling fan with a light on it. If you must have a ceiling fan in the room then it is fine.

You should not have a light drooping from a ceiling fan because it looks tacky. Your bedroom needs to have the sexy look and a light from a ceiling fan will ruin the look.

It is also a good idea to use different bulbs for the lighting in the room to give a different look. Using recessed bulbs with floor and table lamps can give the look of washing the room with a soft light.

However, you also are layering the room with different lighting and it gives the look of pure elegance that you need to accomplish a nicely decorated bedroom.



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