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Hawaii's Big Island Vacation Travel Guide | Expediaby Roxy-Publishingon.Hawaii's Big Island Vacation Travel Guide | Expediahttps://www.expedia.com/Hawaii.d180074.Destination-Travel-Guides The “Big Island” of Hawaii is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, and offers a fascinating and stunning array of beautiful scenery for you to explore. Sightseeing on Hawaii’s Big Island means your days will be filled with natural wonders: wander around a lava field, stroll through a tropical rainforest, and take a dip […]


The “Big Island” of Hawaii is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, and offers a fascinating and stunning array of beautiful scenery for you to explore.

Sightseeing on Hawaii’s Big Island means your days will be filled with natural wonders: wander around a lava field, stroll through a tropical rainforest, and take a dip in the warm waters of the Pacific. To get the most out of your Hawaii Big Island tour and to get an idea of what areas you’d like to see up close, we suggest renting a car and exploring Hawaii’s Big Island from behind the wheel. The Onomea Bay Scenic Drive, located along the Hamakua Coast, will take you past shimmering emerald rainforest and astonishing glimpses of the tranquil Pacific Ocean. It’s the perfect place to get some pictures and see what the beauty of Hawaii is really about.

No tour of Hawaii’s Big Island is complete without meeting the sea turtles of Kahalu’u Bay. Strap on your mask and snorkel, and swim around the warm, blue-green waters of the bay to get up close and personal with the turtles and thousands of other sea creatures. If hanging out with the sea life isn’t entirely your cup of tea, you can also try paddleboarding, jet skiing, or a variety of other watersports. Alternatively, you can spoil yourself in the time-honored indulgence of relaxing on the black lava sands, soaking up some of the legendary Hawaiian sunshine.

What will you do on Hawaii’s Big Island?

Visit our Hawaii’s Big Island travel guide page for more information or to plan your next vacation!


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